Thursday 6 March 2014

Reinvent your Taste Buds with Delhi Restaurant

Every time I visit Delhi the smell of smoky and delicious food coming out from the restaurants is what fascinates me the most. Mouth-watering and yummy dishes, it is just impossible to resist. The streets are filled with lip-smacking and unique dishes they have invented. It’s a treat to eat and one can indulge in the gastronomical delights offered by the city. It’s one of the best places if you are a foodie because every nook and corner is serving something special.

Tagged as one of the favorite food destinations, restaurants in Delhi are known for their impeccable service and most importantly for their superb cuisines. The city has some of the popular restaurants which are famous not only locally but also had made their presence globally. You name any dish and they will serve you whether it is a Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, Thai, Italian, Kashmiri etc. The city with its special liking towards food and variety due to its cosmopolitan nature is also seen on the restaurant’s menu. Almost every restaurant serves cuisine from North to South Indian specialties. Dishes such as Kadai paneer, Malai kofta, Dal Makhni, Dosa, Sambhar etc. is served in one restaurant.

Apart from this many food outlets are specialized in exotic dishes that will give different perspective of the city when it comes to exotic food. People also have developed taste in the past few years for these cuisines. Vegetarian dishes consists of Pasta, Macaroni, Pizza has become famous among the people in a very short span of time.

You can dine along and pamper yourself in the food which is offered by the capital. Whether its snacks, main course meal or exotic dishes you will get to taste something special from the city. If you ever visit the city don’t miss to indulge yourself in the gastronomically delight with Shudh Restaurant in Delhi.

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