Tuesday 11 March 2014

Delhi and Diversity in its Cuisine

Delhi is synonymous to great cuisines it serves to the people visiting there. If you had an appetite for food it is the place you would definitely like to see and experience by yourself. The city in its menu has got diversity ranging from vegetarian, non vegetarian, street food and some of the best exotic dishes. Restaurants in central Delhi are famous for serving both and do not dissatisfy anybody when it comes to food. Each part of the city has got their own delicacies and is proud to show them.

If you are visiting to old part of the city mainly consist of Chandni chowk, Jama masjid and area surrounding it. This part of the city is famous for its non vegetarian dishes. But you will be surprised to see that the vegetarian dishes there have a unique taste nowhere else to find. It is mainly because of the way they prepared these dishes.

There you can have Parathas of different types and you will be astonished to see the varieties. World famous street food such as pani puri, chat, samosa etc, one can indulge in the gastronomical delight.

If you are in Northern part of the city don’t forget to taste the famous chole bahture and other famous delicacies found in this area. In this part one will get a little bit touch of Punjabi spices in every dish. Beside that there are other popular markets in Delhi famous for its non-vegetarian and Best Punjabi Food Delhi city. Don’t forget to taste the snacks which form the essential part of the food available in Delhi. These are spicy and are best when take with masala chai or flavoured milk.

While enjoying food you could also see the beautiful and historical monuments that form an essential part of the city.

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