Tuesday 1 April 2014

Punjabi Food Ruling The Taste Buds Of The People

Punjab is the northern state known for its vibrant culture and people. The state is rich in offering assortments of cuisines that has made their presence in other parts of the country but also globally. The food consists of both non-vegetarian and vegetarian and the varieties are immense. The cuisine is loved by the people not only of Punjab but outsiders and travelers also.

What makes the food especial that if people once taste it never forget to order it while dinning out. If you are visiting the state the food there will have the typical traditional Punjabi touch in it. Most of the dishes are known for their spiciness and tremendous use of raw and powdered spices. Use of clarified butter is most important feature in the Punjabi cuisines. Almost in every dish you will find that there is a good amount of it put into it. Within inside the state vegetarian food in Amritsar is famous and travelers visiting the city and state or passing buy stop their vehicles to get the aroma and taste of the food. Its famous and popular dishes are Makki- de- roti and sarso da saag, various types of parathas.

The food is slowly showing its influence in the adjoining states. The Indian capital, one could say is the second when it comes to tasting the delicious food. There is no dearth of fine quality of best Punjabi food Delhi. One could attribute it to the large number of Punjabi community presence in the state. In the capital there will be hardly any restaurant not serving the tempting, mouth watering and lip smacking cuisine. 

There is also a variety of desert ranging from rice kheer to jalabis and others. For experiencing the delicious Punjabi cuisines visit at the vegetarian restaurant.

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